About Iben

Get to know our story

IBEN is a Norwegian fashion brand established in 2014 by entrepreneur and creative director Anh-Marthe Storheil. The brand was created on the idea to supply selfmade women the wardrobe they need to to communicate their inner strength by style. Empowering dressing so to say.

Authentic, rooted, strong and free are brand core values that make up the foundation of each collection created. IBEN is all about womens strenghts and believe in women making women stronger. The storytelling is always a key factor in all of the collections and is communicated by colorstory, fabrics, prints and silhouettes. The design tone of voice is tomboy mentality - meaning an unprentetional take on fashion that emphasizes laidback styling, functional garments and a freed mindset. 

IBEN garments are wearable and comfortable – always focusing on sustainable design and functionality. Sustainable production and entrepreneurship are essential values and is motivating the brand onward in a concious direction. IBEN believes in trust towards factories and customers, and in making concious choices at the start of a design process. Selecting the right material, factory and location of production have a great impact on the end footprint. 

Today IBEN is represented in several countries world wide and is expanding in several more markets internationally as we speak. The strategy is to focus on finding agents representing Iben in every market that works closely with us so we preserve the identity and values of Iben.  

Today Iben is represented in Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

The most important aspect is that regardless of the market the sense of Iben shall remain and that the woman wearing the pieces should feel confident, relaxed and free. If you are going to for example an job interview, an important meeting or a date you should without even thinking choose and Iben piece in your closet because it´s the garment you feel most comfortable and strong in. 

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