The collection is composed by promoting rest, relaxation & mindfulness. Soothing design principles of simplicity, natural materials & comfortable clothing shapes the conscious dressing and laid-back siluettes.

Ean Sweater and Mio Dress
Caine Dress and Monty Cardigan

Wrapped in layers Iben is cocooned into her space of calming textures, harmonized prints & monochromatic palettes. The tweek of newness is found in the strong, detailed finishes, authentic, pure and organic materials.

Reflecting a variety of warm yellows & rustic tones the palette is mixed with cooling mistletoe green. Deep bordeaux shades with misty rose create a new footprinted territory combined with harmonized greens and wispy neutralized hues.

Weighting in the need for comfort, Iben is leveled and ready to wrap herself in FW20.

Boax Coat and Terrence Tomboy
Reign Jean and Bo Tee

Photo: Ole Martin Halvorsen

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