The Sweat Suit


IBEN is about female strength and the belief that women make women stronger. She represents a person who easily fascinates and inspires you. Storytelling is a key factor in each collection and is communicated by “colorstory,” fabrics, prints and silhouettes. With the IBEN Hoodie and Jobe Pant we want to put extra emphasis on the core of IBEN's philosophy and vision. This sweat suit aims to add color and encourage to not obsess over common norms and rules.

IBEN garments are wearable and comfortable, always focusing on sustainable design and functionality. Sustainable production is essential and with an entrepreneurial approach as key values, motivates the brand onward in a conscious direction. The IBEN Hoodie and Jobe Pant are both made of 100% organic cotton – continuing our sustainability focus and creating a uniquely soft sweat set.

The most important aspect is that regardless of the market, the sense of IBEN shall remain and that the women wearing IBEN are confident, relaxed, free and strong.

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