IBEN is a Norwegian lifestyle fashion brand established in 2014, representing the woman who cannot walk into a room without being noticed for her appearance.
IBEN is strong and modern, embodying a girl that treasures an effortless way of dressing. It is all about comfortable, clean and androgynous clothing of high quality and wearability that are inspired by journeys, urban living and vintage nostalgia. IBEN dares to dress the way her mood dictates, not obsessing over common norms and rules. 
Entrepreneur Anh-Marthe Storheil – who’s also the founder of Storheil Agency and Støy Retail  has with her innovative thinking and commercial awareness created a brand with a strong DNA. A DNA you want to relate to. 
IBEN is strong, ambitious, social and playful. She represents a person who easily fascinates and inspires you 
– Anh-Marthe Storheil